Teen HPV and Vaping Prevention Program

The Smile of a Lifetime Starts Now: The goal of this program is to address the national vaping and HPV epidemics amongst America’s youth by providing oral health education and resources for students, which will encourage them to be proactive in their own health and making positive lifestyle choices that have significant impacts both now and in the future. Through a guided discussion, we will help teens to identify and understand the risks associated with these behaviors and discuss positive ways to avoid peer pressure.

Success Highlights: This program partnered with Caroline County Public Schools in 2019 and has provided oral health education to approximately 2,000 middle school students since then.

The Oral Health Program

Maryland’s Eastern Shore with the primary goal of decreasing the rate of oral disease and improving the oral and overall health of at-risk populations in our communities.

For our earliest learners in the 0–7-year-old age group we offer the much loved and adored “Tooth Fairy’s Helper Program”, where program coordinator Mrs. Donohue-Vega dresses up as The Tooth Fairy’s Helper and uses puppets, marionettes and “Toothy Tunes” in which the lyrics of popular children’s songs have been changed to deliver the oral health message. The program is interactive and encourages our early learners to take part in the lesson. Every child in attendance receives a dental health kit, which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, 2-
minute timer, sticker, brochures, and local dental clinic information.

Through education and providing oral hygiene products we aim to decrease the rate of oral disease amongst our youth, which we know will help to improve school attendance and academic performance in addition to having a direct benefit on the overall health of our youth population. The target population of this program is 0–7-year old’s at Library playgroups, Judy Centers, Head Start Programs and Title I schools.

Whats Under Our Skin

One of our most participated youth programs. Within the program curriculum students learn about the body’s connective tissue and how the body moves. What’s Under Your Skin is a part of a series that exposes students various health career options and clinical immersion.

Aging Simulation Program

The Age Simulation course introduces students to the aging process and how it can impair senses overtime. The instructor uses simulation glasses, hearing impairment ear plugs, dried beans in shoes and surgical gloves for arthritis. Our programs also allow students to tour medical stimulation labs at local colleges.

Counties served:

  • Talbot County
  • Worcester County
  • Dorchester County
  • Caroline County
High Schools (HS) served:

  • Easton HS
  • St. Michaels HS
  • Snow Hill HS
  • North Dorchester HS
  • Worcester Technical HS
  • Colonel Richardson HS