CHW Network

Our Community Health Worker Training program is offered online in a virtual classroom setting. Students who successfully complete the program learn the required skills needed to be successful in the health care field. Becoming a CHW allows you to be an advocate for patients while giving back to your community. Our current program is offered twice a year in the spring and fall.

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The Maryland AHEC (MAHEC) CHW curriculum provides a 140-hour (100 hours classroom/40 hours practicum), competency-based training that covers the 9 Maryland Department of Health core competencies:

  • Advocacy and community capacity building skills
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Cultural competency
  • Understanding of ethics and confidentiality issues
  • Knowledge of local resources and system navigation
  • Care coordination support skills
  • Teaching skills to promote health behavior change
  • Outreach methods and strategies
  • Understanding of public health concepts and health literacy

Although unified under the MAHEC Program name, the CHW training is scheduled and delivered by each of the three regional MAHECs – ESAHEC, AHEC West and Central Maryland AHEC.


  • Specialized training (i. e. diabetes, HIV, sickle cell etc.)
  • Small classroom setting
  • Join a network of professionals engaged in health care
  • In person CPR BLS Certification offered for local students
  • Certified CHW program in the state of Maryland

Since 2013, MAHEC centers have trained over 400 CHWs who are employed in health departments, hospitals, community-based agencies, AHECs, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and many others. Our talented instructors represent an array of experiences in education, healthcare, and human services. The MAHEC CHW Training Program offers competitive pricing for groups and individuals.

Payment plans and scholarships available.


“Thank you to Mindy, Jessica, and Catie for a great training and for my peers for being so supportive with one another and making it a place to look forward to going each week. It was a great experience!”
“I never know what I’m going to get when I go in to a new training course, some have been exceedingly dry, and difficult to relate to. How the information is presented makes all the difference. You guys did it right, even with the typically “dry” information, you got us through it. Took breaks when it was obvious the class needed it, made jokes, changed topics without boring in too deeply if interest wasn’t being relayed back, but made sure to got the point across . I imagine those portions are tough for the presenters. I really appreciated that. I appreciate your attitudes, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in your course. I feel like you took care of me & helped put my mind on the right level for moving forward. THANK YOU!!”
“What I liked most about the training is how everyone helped each other, a no judgement place, learning new things every training. I also really enjoyed the speakers who came to talk to us about specific topics.”
“Jessica did a consistent job keeping the vibe going! For the most part the guest speakers were pleasant and charismatic. Mindy and Jessica kept the information relatable and engaging, you guys did a great job keeping up with the folks in the chat as well. This course utilized multiple perspectives on the topics, it gave me resources to view -well, everything, (even my everyday life,) from another angle. It made you think. The breaks came when we needed them & the music elevated the whole day.”