Through our Preceptorship Rotation Engagement Program we continue to coordinate arrangements for clinical rotations for Introduction to Clinical Medicine 4th year students (ICM IV) and Primary Care Track (PCT) based on student(s) assignments, preceptor availability and housing needs.

Health care workers often return to practice where they trained, and students learn from experience that it’s rewarding to work in underserved areas. That’s why AHEC connects young people, students and practicing professionals to training opportunities with minority and disadvantaged populations, in rural areas such as the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Through the Preceptorship Rotation Engagement Program (PREP), ESAHEC connects students to professionals making a difference in public health.

Partnering with medical and other health professions schools, we connect students with dedicated preceptors for a 4-week rural medicine experience. Allowing health professionals to share their knowledge and experience in the context of their day-to-day practice.

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Interested in Becoming a Preceptor? Contact:
Kimberly Finch
Geriatrics and Clinical Education Manager