Continuing Education

 Cont Ed NEW The Continuing Education Program strives to provide quality, diverse, affordable educational opportunities for Health Care Professionals in the region. Continuing Education requirements vary for each health discipline based on program content and the number of hours required.

In response to the diverse needs AHEC offers an average of 30 programs a year that range from small discipline specific evening trainings to larger interdisciplinary conferences. The program has continued to grow because of the collaborative relationships established with health care organizations, educational institutions, and health professional associations.

One of the most successful partnerships is with the Geriatrics and Gerontology Education and Research (GGEAR) Program at the University
of Maryland at Baltimore and Johns Hopkins Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program.

By providing continuing education programs AHEC assists with the retention of health care professionals in the region by supporting their professional growth as well as helping them to improve the health of the citizens of the Eastern Shore.


HEZ partners

The Mental Health Association of the Eastern Shore maintains a training calendar for organizations to post continuing education opportunities. To access the calendar and find out more about registering for these events go to: brochure

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